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The paper analyzes the paradoxical phenomenon of coaching: On one hand coaching is the second most popular profession after the high tec  professions and is a field that enjoyed exponential development during a very short period of lifetime. On the other hand, these facts are in contrast to the rising lack of credibility among the general public and to the reluctance in the academy. It is suggested that the key to the success of coaching derives from the fact that coaching embodies the 21 century zeitgeist – Coaching is a purposeful, result-focused action designated to promote self-actualization and the realization of the individual potential within a short, limited time.

The reluctance seems to stem from the lack of academic and contextual training in most coaching schools, lack of boundaries and of commitment to scientific standards.

The author analyses the current status of life coaching, of psychology and of coaching psychology and suggests that some of the main premises in life coaching derive from misinterpretations of certain psychological concepts.

Concerning coaching psychology, the author suggests that the common perspectives of coaching psychology as a sub-discipline of psychology or as applied positive psychology would reduce the possible vision of coaching psychology and diminish its potential.

The author suggests that coaching psychology provides us with the unique opportunity to create a new behavioral science of subjectivity that would respond to the ethos, needs, values and vision of the 21st century person.

יThis paper is an invited lecture for the 3rd international Congress of Coaching Psychology held in Rome, Italy Frentany Congress center, May 16-17th 2013. The lecture is the basis for a book being written: “Coaching Psychology – a new behavioral science of Subjectivity”.


Arnon Levy Ph.D, clinical psychologist, psycho-anthropologist, and coaching psychologist, former chair of the Israel Association for Psychotherapy, and founder of the coaching studying program in Tel Aviv University. Levy is the founder and chair of: IACP – Israel Association for Coaching psychology & the founder and CEO of CPA – Coaching psychology Academy for the studies of advanced academic degrees in coaching psychology (in collaboration with Professional Development Foundation and Middlesex University). © All rights reserved

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